Modern Spacious Shipping Container Home with Balcony (~1600 Sq Ft)

 This modern two-story shipping container home utilizes repurposed containers to create a unique and spacious living area. The inclusion of a balcony adds to the home's functionality and outdoor living space.

Feature Highlights

Shipping container homes are becoming an increasingly popular choice for eco-conscious homeowners looking for a sustainable and stylish dwelling. Shipping containers are readily available, and their modular design allows for a high degree of customization. This particular home design features two stacked containers, creating a spacious living area. Large windows and a balcony ensure ample natural light and opportunities to enjoy the outdoors.

Design and Construction Details

The exact square footage of a shipping container home can vary depending on the size and number of containers used in the design. A typical shipping container measures 8 feet wide and 20 or 40 feet long. By stacking containers, homeowners can add square footage and create a multi-story design. Incorporating features like balconies further adds to the functionality and livability of these unique homes.